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Welcome to my site. I'm Seth Ward, a digital media creator, filmmaker and internet incubator based in London (and Birmingham), England.

Latest Showreel

Here's my latest showreel featuring some of my dramatic and music video cinematography work seth showreel from seth showreel.

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Music Video: ‘Sexy People’ by Bentley Jones

The music video for 'Sexy People' by Bentley Jones. Please contact me for the password as this video is not yet available for general viewing. Bentley Jones - 'Sexy People' from Bentley Jones. Check out... Bentley's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BentleyJonesMusic​ Bentley's website at http://bentleyjones.com/ Director - Kev McDonagh Cinematographer -

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Music (Wedding Speech) Video: ‘Everything’ by Ricky Macnamara

One of the best wedding speeches ever

When Ricky first met his bride-to-be, Natalie, she told him something that stayed with him until their wedding day - "Actions speak louder than words, Ricky" 10 years later, with his wedding approaching, he approached us to help him deliver the best groom's speech ever. While she was away enjoying

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Short Film: The Thought That Counts

This short tells a rather bleak story of a couple suffering under difficult economic circumstances and taking drastic measures to deal with them. The film will be posted here as soon as the edit is complete.

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Television: Olympics Coverage for ‘Smile’ – TV Jamaica

This spring and summer I filmed extensive Olympic coverage, focussing on Jamaicans in London and Birmingham, during the lead-up to, and the actual Olympics. This being both the year of 'Jamaica 50' - celebrating 50 years of independence - and the expected dominance of the Jamaicans and particularly Usain Bolt,

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Short Film: Te Con Amor

Tea With Love!

The unique story of a Chilean young man who came to Liverpool in 1979, alone, penniless, missing his family. You can view the trailer here... View the full film here (please email first for password at seth AT seth.co.uk)

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Short Film: Goneril

This short film by Romanian director Maria Tanjala explores a damaged father-son relationship that can still be saved. You can view the trailer here... View the full film here (please email first for password at seth AT seth.co.uk)

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Feature Film: The Lucifer Effect

This is the final trailer for 'The Lucifer Effect' Be warned before viewing - this film is possessed! View here... http://youtu.be/6TX0Z11KklE

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Music Video: ‘Broken by Silence’ by Mirrors

  Mirrors - Broken by Silence from Mirrors. The music video for 'Broken by Silence' by Mirrors. Check out... The band's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theworldofmirrors?v=app_178091127385&ref=ts​ Their Myspace page at myspace.com/mirrorsmirrorsmirrors Director - Harriet Macdonald Lighting Cameraman - Seth Ward

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Feature Film: Bad Trip

This week we have just started pre-production on 'Bad Trip', a guerilla movie conceived by Chris Bagnall with me and Kev Bagnall. Jointly written and produced by the three of us, this movie is going through rapid development, with shooting planned to commence during an intensive 7 days in 4

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